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Business Services

Blue Trinity Finance provides continuous support and advice.

Blue Trinity Finance provides continuous support and advice. We, along with our associates provide a wide range of skills and services designed to improve business performance and profitability. We can refer you to FSA regulated associates; the business services include:

Business Startup

When starting a new business, it is critical to begin formulating a business plan to ensure that adequate finance is available.

Buying an Existing Business

If you are planning to acquire or invest in an existing business, thorough analysis of the target company’s financial records will provide you with vital insight into current operations, health and future prospects.

Strategic Growth and Business Planning

Budgeting, forecasting and managing cash-flows, credit and stock control are important management tools required. Sustained growth of your business is unlikely without such information.

Business Finance

If you are considering a major purchase, a new investment or planning the development of your business, you will need to consider how best to proceed.