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Exclusion Reviews

We provide specialist advice tailored to the individual circumstances.

We understand that permanent exclusion from school is a very difficult time for you and your child. Media headlines suggest that some local authorities and schools are not following the law. It is therefore very important that seek advice and know your rights when such serious decisions are made. We provide specialist advice tailored to the individual circumstances and requirements of your Child’s matter.

Exclusion Reviews :

There are two types of exclusions – Fixed period and Permanent

A fixed period exclusion is for a specific period of time. A pupil may be excluded for one more fixed periods, up to a maximum of 45 school days in a single academic year.

A permanent exclusion could involve your child being removed from the school roll. However, the head teacher must not remove the pupil’s name from the school admissions register until the outcome of the Independent Review Panel. We can help with your Exclusion Review.

It is unlawful to exclude or increase the severity of the exclusion for a non-disciplinary reason. For example, it would be unlawful to exclude for a reason such as, the action of a pupils parents or failure of a pupil to meet specific conditions before they are reinstated.

There would always be a Governing Body meeting. In advance of this meeting the Governing Body must ask for any written evidence. This can include Witness Statements and written representations’ we can help you prepare these documents and if necessary accompany you at the meeting.