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School Appeals

Blue Trinity Legal provide you with professional advice and assistance.

It is the responsibility of the school to arrange for an Independent Appeal Panel to hear the schools reasons for refusing your application and to hear to your reasons for wanting your child to attend that particular school. Many parents choose to appeal but few are aware of the criteria local authorities and schools must abide by and most parents fail to attend the hearing fully focused on the strongest aspects of their case. Many parents with very strong reasons do not always fully articulate their case and lose their appeal as a result. Blue Trinity Legal provide you with professional advice and assistance, utilising our years of experience in these appeals.

Appeals involve 2 stages

  1. A factual stage: the panel must consider whether the admission arrangements complied with mandatory requirements of the School Admission Code (the law) and whether the admission arrangements were correctly and impartially applied in the case in question the school must prove that it would not be able to provide efficient education or make efficient use of resources if the child were to be admitted. If the panel is satisfied that the school has proved its case it will move to stage 2:
  2. A balancing stage: the panel must balance the weight of the parental factors with the prejudice that the academy would have on providing efficient education and making efficient use of resources.