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We have expertise in advising and representing landlords in all areas of housing law.

Our expert property solicitors help landlords of all sizes and with many different types of property portfolio. Whether you are thinking about letting your home or buying a property to let for the first timed, or you are a landlord with a large number of properties, we offer expert advice and proactive support.

We can also help if you have become a landlord for the first time, for instance if you are buying or have inherited a property with sitting tenants.

Landlords’ rights are many and complex. However, unless you manage your tenancies professionally from the start, problems can quickly arise, and when there are issues in the tenancy relationship it is crucial to get appropriate legal advice for landlords as swiftly as possible.

We have expertise in advising and representing landlords in all areas of housing law and landlords rights:

  • Rent arrears
  • Difficult tenants and anti- social behaviour
  • Drafting tenancy agreements and serving notice
  • The accelerated possession procedure
  • Disputes about housing conditions and disrepair
  • Tenancy deposit disputes
  • Evicting squatters
  • Avoiding or defending allegations of unlawful eviction

Our team of solicitors for landlords will ensure there is a fast, efficient and sensitive approach to your housing law problem from the outset. We aim to prevent problems with tenants arising or escalating, but if that is unavoidable, we will focus on resolving the issue as cost effectively as possible. A letter from a landlords solicitor often can be enough to get a problem tenant to clear rent arrears. However, if it does not , we can help enforce your landlords rights to fairly regain possession as quickly as possible and minimise your losses.