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Marketing & Endorsements

We actively seek relationships between corporate and our athletes.

As a leading player, Blue Trinity Entertainment Management has developed long standing relationships with globally and nationally recognised brands across numerous sectors acting to deliver an effective strategy sympathetic to both the talent and sponsor.

The sports marketplace is constantly changing, with the sports audience growing larger every year and several sports and sponsors now establishing as truly global entities. Our company is always looking for new talent, young men and women who have the potential to make it to the very top of their chosen sport, as well as sponsors looking to navigate and maximise investment in this ever-evolving landscape. One thing which does not change is that crowds will always want to see great sports men and women in action and sponsors will always want to be a part of that success. We strive to ensure that the next generation of sporting talent achieves its potential.

We actively seek relationships between corporate and our athletes which can be mutually beneficial to building both brands in terms of awareness and sustainability. It is important that there is synergy and passion for the partnership from both parties.